Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 Column Minima-Based Blogger Template

Minibox is a free 3 column blogger template heavily based on the popular Minima template. This is an XML based Blogger template for newer Blogspot blogs. The code uses very similar structure and almost identical variable names and section identifiers so that people familiar with modifying the Minima template shouldn't have much trouble modifying the Minibox template code.

Minibox is completely compatible with Blogger's drag-and-drop layout manager.

The original 2 column version of Minima was written by Douglas Bowman of stopdesign.com. Here's a quote from his website:

The goal was to provide a fresh selection of well-designed and efficiently-coded, standards-based templates that provided solid yet flexible starting points for anyone to use as a design for their new or existing blog.

DOWNLOAD - Minibox v1.0 (Right-Click!)

If you're having trouble downloading the template try right-clicking and choosing "Save As". If you're still having trouble post a comment.

This is the first release. If anyone notices any glitches please post a comment and I will try to resolve ASAP.

Alternate colour combinations or slight variations are also likely to follow. If there are any requests, please post a comment and I will take requests into consideration.

Is there interest for a 4 column version of Minima or the Minibox clone?


Seasoned By Grace Designs said...

Hi, I like your 3 column, I am thinking of transferring my blog to my own domain, will this template work there or is it specifically made for Blogger/Blogspot, and I would very much like to see a 4 column, in my mind's eye, it seems like it would be too crowded! But I would have to see it in action so to speak in order to make a decision on what I have in mind.

James William said...

Hi k. fields,

This template is made especially for Blogger. You can use your own domain with a blogger account, but Blogger has limitations so if you plan on setting up your blog on your own web space I might recommend WordPress. WordPress is still easy to use but it is less restrictive and more expandable as your blog grows and as you learn and want to do more. WordPress also has tons of support as a lot of people use it.

I'm am putting the finishing touches on a version of the same template for WordPress and will post it as soon as it is finished.

Anonymous said...

I like your work, James. I did some work on the Minima template myself, and came up with the following - http://howgreenis.blogspot.com/. It's still not exactly how I want it to look. I'll be looking at your code to see what improvements I can make. Thanks.

OVERLORD said...

THX men ... you are the best. I find meny minima with some mistaces ..but your is the BEST !!!
thx again!

OVERLORD said...

THX men .. this is the best minima black!

Adminz said...

Heyzzzz i like ur 3 column but it isent downloading in any way ???? plz reply donno wat should i do !!
plz reply on my hotmail

Rahal said...

I love the template but I downloaded it and it doesnt work. The only thing I get when I preview the template is your website link. What to do?

Cold Cape said...

Hi William...
Is there anyway that the middle box (Blog posts) could also have "an add a gadget" to it, so when we go to "add and arrange page elements" we can also move that box around... Thank you for your hard work. It looks great!

aidid said...

Hi, I like your template but i have trouble downloading it.. when i right clicked it, there was only "Save link as" instead of "Save As" .
Please help