Sunday, June 8, 2008

Minibox - 3 Column Minima Template

I noticed there were some problems when people try to upload the XML file instead of copying and pasting the code. I have fixed the problem (I think).

I almost always copy and paste the code because it gives me more control. For example, with a few tricks I can avoid losing any existing widgets on my blog. This will probably be my first tutorial and it will probably show up on since iit will apply to any blogger template.

In the meantime, I realize some people do use the "upload XML template" feature and so I've fixed the XML file so that it is compatible. (I have a new Mac and the first version had some funky formatting codes in it that wasn't just a plain text XML file.) You still have to right-click when you save or your web-browser will try to open the XML file and you will get an error message.

Here are a few template instalation tips.

DOWNLOAD - Minibox v1.2 (Right-Click!)

If you're having trouble downloading the template try right-clicking and choosing "Save As". If you're still having trouble post a comment.

Blogger Template Customization Tutorials

So I noticed that the only vote so far on the poll was for Customization Tutorials. Let's start by by posing the question - what do you want to do?

Post a comment and I will try to help you with a solution.