Saturday, February 27, 2010

Minibox for WordPress - 3 Column Minima

Just when you thought I wasn't paying attention anymore... Just when you were about to give up... Just when you were about to settle for a more cluttered blog template...

It's here! Minibox for WordPress - the 3 column Minima knock-off for WordPress. Yeah, that's right. Build it any they will come right? Well you guys sure have come from all over to download the Blogger version so I imagine the WordPress version will put some smiles on a few faces too.

Note: I check comments here more frequently than on the 2600 degrees site because that site gets hammered with spam. No promises, but you're better off to leave a comment here.

Download Page: Minibox for WordPress - the 3 column Minima knock-off for WordPress

Sunday, November 1, 2009

3 Column Minima Template - Crazy Response!

Once again I'm totally amazed at the huge response to my 3 column clone of the Minima template for Blogger. I just published something like 45 new comments and so many of you have questions. I wish I could spend time answering each one of them but I've spent so much overtime at work recently. I'm preparing for a huge new website launch and it's left me with very little time to maintain the blogs that I have let alone address all your questions and feature requests. Part one of the website launch is scheduled for mid-November with an ultra-cool on-line pirate game being launched in early December. If you're interested in following what's keeping me busy, you can check out the temporary landing page for Mac's Convenience Stores. It's just a tease now, but the drupal-based community site with some pretty crazy-cool theme graphics will show up there on or around Nov 16, 2009.

Thanks to all the positive feedback and I'm so sorry that some of yoou are having trouble with the download link. It doesn't seem to be affecting everyone.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Overwhelming Response to 3 Column Minima Clone

Wow, I'm not sure where to start. Thanks everybody for all the great response to my 3 column version of the Minima template.

I understand some of you are having trouble downloading while others are having trouble installing. I wish I had more time to address all your questions on a regular basis and help each of you solve the problems you are encountering. My excuse is pretty good - I have two young children, a full-time job and a freelance business - so I apologize for not responding to so many of you and not even moderating your comments on a regular basis.

Without making promises, I will try to set up a basic community website where you can all help each other. I initially posted my modified 3 column minima template because I made it for my own use and thought other people might enjoy it too. I also have a 3 column minima template for Wordpress that I have been meaning to post when I have time. You can see it in action on my Gardening Photo Blog.

One of you commented on how the left column can affect search engine ranking compared to the classic minima where the blog posts are on the left. This is true - that it has an impact, but your blog posts will still be indexed. I have been experimenting and you can see this experiment in action on the Gardening Blog as both sidebars are on the right. I haven't noticed a huge difference (as I have transitioned several blogs from 2 column with right sidebar to 3 columns with sidebar on each side without signifigant impact). However I do recommend keeping the left sidebar short and placing less relevant keyword widgets on the right.

With respect to colour choices, you can modify the colour scheme using Blogger's built in colour editing capabilities. Click on the Layout tab and then on Fonts and Colors.

Don't be discouraged. I am still here, even if not as often :)

Thanks again to all of you!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Minibox - 3 Column Minima Template - Left Justified

Anton C requested a left justified version of my 3 Column Minima template for Blogger. He also requested a version with the main post column the same size as the original Minima template. Both of these versions can be downloaded below.

This is a left justified version. The center column is wider than the original Minima template to accommodate 500 pixel images blogged from Flickr.

DOWNLOAD Minibox v1.2 Left Justified (Wide)

This is a left justified version with the center column the same size (I think) as the original 2 column Minima template. So if your posts are all custom formatted to the narrow Minima version, this should let you have a 3 column Minima template without having to reformat all your existing posts.

DOWNLOAD Minibox v1.2 Left Justified (Narrow)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Minibox - 3 Column Minima Template

I noticed there were some problems when people try to upload the XML file instead of copying and pasting the code. I have fixed the problem (I think).

I almost always copy and paste the code because it gives me more control. For example, with a few tricks I can avoid losing any existing widgets on my blog. This will probably be my first tutorial and it will probably show up on since iit will apply to any blogger template.

In the meantime, I realize some people do use the "upload XML template" feature and so I've fixed the XML file so that it is compatible. (I have a new Mac and the first version had some funky formatting codes in it that wasn't just a plain text XML file.) You still have to right-click when you save or your web-browser will try to open the XML file and you will get an error message.

Here are a few template instalation tips.

DOWNLOAD - Minibox v1.2 (Right-Click!)

If you're having trouble downloading the template try right-clicking and choosing "Save As". If you're still having trouble post a comment.

Blogger Template Customization Tutorials

So I noticed that the only vote so far on the poll was for Customization Tutorials. Let's start by by posing the question - what do you want to do?

Post a comment and I will try to help you with a solution.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

3 Col Blogger Template Screen Shot

Okay, one step closer to making this template available for download. Here is the screen shot of the Free 3 Column Template for Blogger - Minibox. It also doubles as an example of how images look when posted to the blog.

DOWNLOAD - Minibox v1.0 (Right-Click!)

If you're having trouble downloading the template try right-clicking and choosing "Save As". If you're still having trouble post a comment.

This is the first release. If anyone notices any glitches please post a comment and I will try to resolve ASAP.