Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Overwhelming Response to 3 Column Minima Clone

Wow, I'm not sure where to start. Thanks everybody for all the great response to my 3 column version of the Minima template.

I understand some of you are having trouble downloading while others are having trouble installing. I wish I had more time to address all your questions on a regular basis and help each of you solve the problems you are encountering. My excuse is pretty good - I have two young children, a full-time job and a freelance business - so I apologize for not responding to so many of you and not even moderating your comments on a regular basis.

Without making promises, I will try to set up a basic community website where you can all help each other. I initially posted my modified 3 column minima template because I made it for my own use and thought other people might enjoy it too. I also have a 3 column minima template for Wordpress that I have been meaning to post when I have time. You can see it in action on my Gardening Photo Blog.

One of you commented on how the left column can affect search engine ranking compared to the classic minima where the blog posts are on the left. This is true - that it has an impact, but your blog posts will still be indexed. I have been experimenting and you can see this experiment in action on the Gardening Blog as both sidebars are on the right. I haven't noticed a huge difference (as I have transitioned several blogs from 2 column with right sidebar to 3 columns with sidebar on each side without signifigant impact). However I do recommend keeping the left sidebar short and placing less relevant keyword widgets on the right.

With respect to colour choices, you can modify the colour scheme using Blogger's built in colour editing capabilities. Click on the Layout tab and then on Fonts and Colors.

Don't be discouraged. I am still here, even if not as often :)

Thanks again to all of you!


Lena said...

Hi, I'm trying to make this template work and it just won't let me open the file. Your template is very nice and I would really like to add it to my blog site. Any suggestions?

Unknown said...

is it possible to add a summary post function to this template to allow for cuts or jumps?

. said...

thanks for the template.I really like it but i faced a problem though..

at first i did managed to get it right but somehow the right sidebar ended up on the post body..any help?

eddy said...

hi james, i'm use yours template 3 column minima black for blogger, but i'm looking for http://sexy-photo-blog.com/ or http://garden-pics.com/ template, can you share this template but i used blogger not wordpress, i really need http://garden-pics.com/ that template for blogger. thank you.....

nico said...

Hi there. Love this template. Is there a way to incorporate a search in it? I thought it would be easy using Google's search gadget that they offer, but it doesn't work right? Any suggestions? Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lena! I just downloaded it and already using it. Just point your mouse at DOWNLOAD Minibox v1.2 Left Justified (Wide) below the site, then right click and click Save link as (if you're using firefox)...it's done!

Mark said...

Hello Jan,

You leave a comment on my blog Interesting webs with a question how to change color of links in blogspot blog.
First method
Go to Layout --> Fonts and Colors.
Find Link Color and Visited Link Color and change colors as you wish.
When you are satisfied Save changes.

More complex way is to make change directly in Template.
With this way you can remove underline of your links.
Go to Layout --> Edit HTML
Find :
a:link {
color: $linkcolor;

a:visited {
color: $visitedlinkcolor;

and change it to

a:link {
color: $linkcolor;

a:visited {
color: $visitedlinkcolor;

Anonymous said...

Love the template and it was relatively easy to modify the way I wanted. One question, though: how can I hide the labels from showing below the posts? I checked the settings I have for blog posts in the editor and I haven't ticked the Labels checkbox. Yet, there they are, insolently sitting below my posts, so it must be something in the code that overrides my settings. Can you point me in the right direction?

Another thing I noticed: I wanted the texts to align left and not centre, which was easy to fix, but it also affected the alignment of pictures if they were in a string (uploaded one after another, without text between them). I had imported all my pictures centered, but suddenly the "picture strings" were all aligned to the left. This is not really a problem in the layout, since although I couldn't fix it in the template's code, editing the individual posts HTML and simply adding [div align] did the job. Just telling in case someone else finds this info handy.

Constantin Gabor said...

Your template is just great! I use it on a test blog before implementing it to my main blog.
Do you know how to keep the template but without the lines; I would like it to be free of the cassette like lines that delimit the sidebars from posting area. Any idea about what line of code must I change?
Thanks so much!!!!

Tara said...

Every time I try to open the file I keep getting this error message

The character '>' was expected. Error processing resource 'http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd'.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

GuideToPassion said...

Hi! I absolutely love the template (which I'm now using), but am wondering why my followers aren't visible on the page...was that intentionally left out?

Joaquin's Realm said...

What Lena said is my exact problem as well. The template is exactly what I'm looking for but I can't get it to save. I right click, save link as, it comes up XML, but it won't open it.

Ram said...

Thanks for your template.Its really fantastic. keep posting more

846 N. 18th Street said...

Hi James, Since Blogger just announced they are eliminating there FTP publishing functionality in March 2010, I need to move to Wordpress very soon. I see that you have developed a minima clone for Wordpress that would be the answer to my prayers.

Robin said...

I am getting the "narrow" template, but not the justified, no matter which one I download.