Sunday, June 8, 2008

Minibox - 3 Column Minima Template

I noticed there were some problems when people try to upload the XML file instead of copying and pasting the code. I have fixed the problem (I think).

I almost always copy and paste the code because it gives me more control. For example, with a few tricks I can avoid losing any existing widgets on my blog. This will probably be my first tutorial and it will probably show up on since iit will apply to any blogger template.

In the meantime, I realize some people do use the "upload XML template" feature and so I've fixed the XML file so that it is compatible. (I have a new Mac and the first version had some funky formatting codes in it that wasn't just a plain text XML file.) You still have to right-click when you save or your web-browser will try to open the XML file and you will get an error message.

Here are a few template instalation tips.

DOWNLOAD - Minibox v1.2 (Right-Click!)

If you're having trouble downloading the template try right-clicking and choosing "Save As". If you're still having trouble post a comment.


Anonymous said...

Hi!!! Great Job, since you made available Bogger Minima Black Three Column template. I have been searching this for so may days and today somehow, I reached your site. I tried using your link and also copied the template to the Edit HTML page of my blog but on clicking on Save Template button, it showing an error:
"Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The document type declaration for root element type "html" must end with '>'.
I can't resist to use this template since I have been desperately searching for it. Please try to help as early as possible

James William said...

Hi Simpson,

Are you on a Mac or a PC?

Have you tried uploading the XML file instead of copying and pasting? (I tested this and it worked for me).

Did you by any chance miss one character when you were cutting and pasting?

I will help you get it working! However finicky it might be! I appreciate your help making sure it is easy to install for other people.

triggxr said...

Absolute perfection. I have been searching for a well formed 3 column blogger for months. I started a new blog using your template. It works perfectly with the blogger in draft. I've changed background color and tweaked text margins. All widgets I've tried work!

Thank you Thank you Thank you. Now, for a 3 column Tekka in all your spare time!!!

ANTON C said...

Its nice but all the words are centered instead of aligned left.

Is there a way to change that?

Another thing is while the center column is wider, than before, all my previous posts alignment with pictures are all out.

Is there a way to keep to the original center column size so as not to affect past postings?


James William said...

Hi Anton C,

Making a left justified version should be pretty easy. I will try to post a couple updates over the weekend. It looks like some people would like some different colours (although the colours can be changed from within Blogger).

As for the width of the middle column, my reason for changing it was to accommodate 500px wide pictures blogged from Flickr. If it's not too involved I'll try to post an original width 3 column version for you over the weekend too.

ANTON C said...

That's great James! I will be looking forward then!

I really want to use your work because its so much better than the old 3 column minima black.

I definitely appreciate the original size center column coz it would be very tedious to edit the previous important posts as most of my post are very photo intensive, so probably 90% of my post would be out of alignment.

The center justified version also throws the posts out of alignment too.

Anna Amnell said...


I have used your template in two of my blogs.

I am not sure which version of your template I have used but these are the blogs:

Photos look beautiful here
Thank you!

I have changed the colors in this blog:

I would like to have the header image go all the way from left to right or - even better - to have the full length image above the header.

Is either of those possible with this template?

Cadian 127th said...

Hey. Have just uploaded your template. Was getting really sick of only having 2 columns. 3 just looks better.

Thanks for an easy to use well designed piece of coding.

Anonymous said...

Hello i already use the templet but when instaled it i cn not add banner with 728 px as you make in your blog . please can you help me to solve that

Sew Very Prim said...

I have tried and tried to load the Minibox v1.2 Left Justified (Wide) to my blog and it always gives me the same error code.. I was able to load the narrow on three of my blogs but I am wanting the wide on my Samaritan women blog.... I have tried on a test blog but it just will not load.. I get bX-bliced on the error page........ I know Front Page but not DreamWeaver but if I try to copy paste then my pc opens default DreamWeaver and I still cannot load........ :) Any suggestions ?

Tania Verdez said...

Hi I've just changed my blog over to your template, but for some reason I can no longer publish photos in my posts. Do you think this is due to the template change? Any idea's? I've looked through the blogger help stuff and can't find anything.

Tania Verdez said...

Sorry, ignore my last comment... I worked it out. Not the templates fault but the users. The template is GREAT. Thanks.

Analytic Perception said...

Thank you for this template. It uploaded without any problems. I would like to add widgets below the blog posts, but I don't know the HTML. Could you please explain the HTML code for placing widgets below the blog posts/adding widgets. Thank you and I appreciate your time.

Anonymous said...

Hello James! Just downloaded your template yesterday and I’m already using it…very nice! However, I noticed that my post is centered. Is there any option to choose if want something in my post to be aligned left or center? Also, I can’t install a 480x60 banner using HTML code! Some help please?!

My blog..

Anonymous said...

how do we open the folder?

Jorid + NOE Blog said...

Why does the right column fall down to the bottom under the middle section ?? In my blog it does'nt, but I have a frien and in here blog the right column fall down ??

Help me, pleas!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your template. Your template is excellent. I already use it for my blog. I was a novice in blogging. With your template, my blog look more professional. Thank you very much. Hopefully you can be successful and produce good works more. Give you advice so that my blog can be better and so that I can become more like you in the

Sorry, my bad English. I use a tool to translate this. I wait your suggestions on my blog, so my blog can be better.

Jikkumon - said...

please help me check my site and help me how to rectify 3 column shows as 2 column...

MarjnHomer said...

when i right click on the link, i still get error.

Coyote Negro said...

Hi! your template is perfect but... how can I put an image as a logo? is it possible using this template?¿?

Lauren said...

Im having a recent issue, and Im not sure if I messed something up somehow. The template was working great, and then all of a sudden my widgets that were on the right are all showing on the bottom

The Midnight Writer said...

this is so cool! i've been tweaking around my blog over the summer for a 3-column template that should work for me and here i dig upon my favorite Minima in full measure of just what i am rooting for--well, it's almost...coz i somehow hoped i could customize the background image:)

thanks for sharing this template!

Jamie said...

I was having issues downloading using IE. I switched to Safari and downloaded without issue.

Thank you for this!

Anonymous said...

i am a new comer to blogger ihave downloaded your 3 column. please guide me to step by step instruction great thanks

Anonymous said...

i'm new to blogger and i just don't understand how all this works anyway but i've right clicked and it didnt have the opption of save as so i cliked on save background as but nothing seems to have happened - help me please!